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I Have a Blinkie Too!

Many thanks to the very clever & very generous [ profile] we_dreamerz who made me my very own blinkie, I just love it, it's so great being on the LJ, so many kind, gifted people.

I just watched the Youtube link with all of Gale's scenes, it's so great to see him again, & I really loved Terri Hatcher, I thought she was terrific, the best I've seen her act in ages. See having Gale back is great for her too, they're quite wonderful together, they made me smile :) & yes of course he looked beautiful, he's such a great actor, his facial expressions kill me.

So I'm off to read all the Gale gossip, it's been quite a day,,love Jx

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Hey lovie,

I just commented on your comment on gh_on_dh! I agree about Terri. I usually don't like her but I thought she was very good. She looked good, too. I like your blinkie - hot lips!

Love, love, love,

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Hot lips indeed :)

I just replied to your reply lol.

Yes she looked great, I wonder for how long he'll be on that couch.

Love Jx

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Love the blinkie. :) Do you have the Youtube link at all, would love to watch it.

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No I watched it on the LJ comm [ profile] gh_on_dh are you NOT a member?

If not go join it, its for Gale, & all his made crazy fans :)

Ill see if I can send the link, cross your fingers,,give me 5 mins OK,,Later Jx

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Silly me, I'm a member I just haven't caught up with it yet. :) Off to check it out now.

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No it won;t work :(

Go to IMDb, they'll have it for sure, or go join the LJ comm, its full of Gale/Jackson stuff, icons, graphics, its never ending,,later OK, Jx

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Hi Lyn, I copied the link from You Tube - I think - so try this:

If this doesn't work I can e-mail it to you from there if you like.

BTW, I LOVE your icon.

Hug, Amy.

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Thanks on both counts, the link and the icon comment. :)

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I saw her icon yesterday and LOVED it too. Does it show?

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Hahah, yeah it does. OOOH, I'm so jealous!! I wish I knew how to do that. So good to hear from you.

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It's good to see you too. I know we don't really know each other, but we have lovely mutual friends. :D

Here ya go. I personalized it for you, but credit [ profile] solstation if you use it.


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OMG! Thank you I love it! That was so sweet of of you I can't wait to use it. I've never had a personalized icon before and moons and stars are my favorite things. Thank you again sooooo much.

*Tremendous hugs*

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You're very welcome. It was my pleasure. I'm aware you had a birthday recently, so consider it a belated gift from me. :D I'm somewhat of a celestial girl too.

I just personalized this one for you too, in case you wanted to troll with your name. Again, the talent/credit goes to [ profile] solstation. I'm a dilettante.


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WOW! I'm so far behind in e-mail that I actually just am seeing this today! Thank you so much - I love it. What a lovely gift - and my birthday gets to go on a bit longer, yay!

I will credit of course, but I think you're pretty talented yourself!


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You know, I think we should rectify that and become lovely friends together. ;)

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Absolutely! I couldn't agree more.

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I just saw the clips, too, and I'm still smiling! He looks so good, I can't wait for the box set to come out. I really hope he is in some of the DVD extras.

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It was a very good show all around very funny and kind of sad, but Jackson and Susan do look good together it would be nice for them to be able to get to know each other that could take all of season 6 to do that is for sure!!!
Love your blinkie!!

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Yeah, thats what I was kinda thinking :)

I mean after Gale's accident ALL of their storyline changed.

So hopefully now we'll get to see them develop a relationship, maybe even fall in love all over again, God the storylines are endless.

I just HAVE to believe that MC isn;t that fuckingstupid :) & kill him off in the finale' I bet when we all meet for the picnic, w'll all be saying "well do you think he died in the cliff hanger or not"?

They will make us suffer I'm sure of it, & we'll all be worried to death.

As I said before, being a GH fan is freakin exhausting, I've waited longer for him, than I've waited having my hair done,,& I'm sure we'll be doing it again :)

Look out for some posts asap about the picnic, coffee mugs, charms etc, we have 10 weeks to go, I'm sure we'll be ready.
Im also posting for the last time for Mickiebgs Bday lunch. I need to book it this month, the guy seems very nice, he's looking forward to meeting us all, I bet his resturant will never be the same.

Its getting really cold here, nothing of course like NYC winters, but bloody cold enough for us Aussies, I'm feezing my ass off, well I wish I could :)

Im off to bed,,later love ya Jx

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Yes i was thinking that the last scene the whole cast will be in a room together probably someones (Susan and Jackson's) wedding and you will hear a gun shot and the TV will go blank and we will have to wait what seems like a life time until we know if he is going to be around.

I will be looking out for the posts i am getting excited it will be here before you know it. My mom is coming home in July-Aug. So it will go by really fast. At least i have someone to watch my cats while i am gone and don't have to ask a friend or take them to the vet.

It is actually getting warmer here for the past week it has been raining and a little cold and very windy but it is in the upper 50's lower 60's now.

Good night and sweet(Gale)dreams

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I gave you some blinkies ages back and you never used them. *rolls eyes*

But I still love you.

That one is perfect for you, though.

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I still have them, I just never knew how to use them :)

But I will now, IF I can find them *smiles*

Do you still have them on your files? if so could you email me them again (says please very nicely lol) I'll go back now & look.

Glad someone still loves me,, later Jx

BTW did you get my email, I asked about the RC..

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I made a Jackson picspam in my journal if you feel like it dear!!

Part one:

Part two:

This is my favorite Gale blinkie hehehehe ---> Photobucket

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Hi love! Got my email? I will email you again later when I get home. I hope everything is well...

I have to yet see Jackson's clips... TOnight is the night for that hahahaha

I love your blinkie! So cute!


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Oooo, I love your blinkie!!

I agree with you about Terri, she was great. And of course, Gale was amazing!! *g*

*hugs, Chris

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\o/ on your blinkie! They're so cute. I would like to have some, and I'd also like to learn how to do them myself.

I am proud to say I made this personalized icon this a.m. I never tire of his beautiful face!

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What a gorgeous blinky - and its perfect for you :D
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Gale was so, so good last night. How relaxed and loose did he look? He was just too adorable for words.

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He was fantastic, I loved it, & Im gald there going to wait & not just jumped straight into bed with each other,,Later Jx