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So I've had enough over on Dreamwidth :)

I thought I'd post some of my fav pics of Gale, as I haven't posted any for awhile, the jewellery business has taken over my life *smiles* I never have any time left now, between that & the kids, I'm lucky to read my flist, & shock of horrors, I haven't read a BJ fic for 3 days, well a little standalone doesn't count :)

So here they are, God bless you [ profile] zortrana I hope you're at peace now, & looking down on us all,,love Jx

more Gale/Brian behind the cut )
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See I told you all I was a total techno retard *smiles*

My dearest LJ friend [ profile] stephmck set it all up for me, she knows all my passwords :) I'm still Sexy P over there, except the underscore line is no longer in the middle of sexy-pumpkin like here on LJ, I don't know if that makes any difference, so feel free to friend me, BUT I have NO freakin idea how to friend you back, or check my flist, not that there's that many :) & I can't read my entries, if there's more than 10, does that mean I have to pay?

I saw an email from [ profile] brokeaholic today, I tried to reply from my Gmail, like I do with the LJ, but it wouldn't work:( Sorry, I assume you friended me, or said hello, a few LJ'ers friended me I gather, do I have to friend you back, or does it just happen?

I can't find anything, except for my user-pics, Im allowed 6, that's no good to me, how do I get more, where do I pay? any help will be appreciated, I don't want you all to think, Im ignoring you lol,,off to read my LJ flist,,later guys,,Jx
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Totally confused, I can;t find my flist, probably as it only has 5 people on it LOL.

Where does it say, read your friends list? & I can only go back & read through 10 comments, because of the type of account I have (which I gather means I have to pay?)

Thanks for those who did friend me, well I think you did!! Where does it tell me.

later guys, & thanks to Steph for setting this up for me, now I'm back to the LJ, where I know everyone, & know where everything is lol

Later Jx

Oh well I only have room for 6 icons, Ill upload the other 5 asap, I know how to that!!
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Hi guys,

So how does all this work?

Can anyone help me, apparently you need an invite, is that correct. I don't want to have to pay for it, but do you have to, if you want lots of user-pics?

& do you post there, just like here on the LJ.

It seems like lots of you are joining up there, don't want to be left behind *smiles*

Have a great day, love Jx

PS You'll have to walk me through this, you all know how useless I am with anything techno, off to bed, see you in the morning.
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Hey Viv *waves*

Just came online, I've been out all day, & just had to post you some happy birthday wishes :)

have a wonderful evening, thanks for all your gorgeous QaF graphics, may all your wishes come true, all the best for the coming year,,love Jackie.xx

I love this pic of them together, I hope you like it to:)

Edit:: Oh shit Viv, Im sorry it doesn't get bigger:(

Here's a better one, I hope!!, I did try.
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Have a wonderful day, I'm sorry if I'm late, I've had a busy day.

May all your wishes come true, I'm so glad we got to meet up, maybe we will again one day.

With all my love, hugs & kisses,,you're friend Jackie.xx
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Hi Guys,

How wonderful was it of [ profile] plumsuede to finally join the [ profile] qaf_nyc_july09 comm & post about the charms & key rings. Please from now on, just post your order from there, [ profile] doppelgangerqaf will still be handling the money side of it all, & will be posting the final 4 pics & 2 text's you can choose from for the coffee mugs, we need to finalize this ASAP, it could become a major headache for all concerned :D

So please just make your selections, & we'll do our best to make you all very happy.

Please note that you can still join our LJ comm, it'll make it easier all round, just because your not attending the picnic, doesn't mean you can't join.

My Paris is so very ill. She has a flu/virus, I've never seen her this sick. Its NOT that flu, so don;t worry, but I've had a very busy 3 days, she's been off school all week, Im taking her back to the doctors this afternoon.

I also have a vey busy weekend coming up, lots of jewellery parties, I just hope she's OK, I'll take her to my Mum's, as the boys all have rugby, it's awful when they're that sick!!

So take care, & btw I've booked my tattoo in :( I go Mon 25th May, wish me luck,,hugs Jx
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Have a wonderful day, may all your wishes come true. Thanks for all the gorgeous caps, the one below nearly caused me a heart-attack, (well I hope its yours lol)

God bless you, your so kind & generous, with all my love,,Hugs & Kisses,,Jackie.xx

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Hi guys *waves*

So I'm going to be in charge of these & [ profile] doppelgangerqaf will post about the coffee mugs when she all good & ready to go.

You can choose from either a cell phone charm, or a key charm, you can clip it onto your bag or wallet, with 3 silver initials of Q A F on it, & it will cost $8.00

Below is a list of colors you can choose from, for the cord. It's 1st in 1st served, just tell me the color & how many you want to order.

As soon as I have my list, I'll arrange for payment. Pay Pal seems the way to go, we'll add this order to your "coffee mug order" so just ONE payment will be required. Dopps will then send the money to [ profile] plumsuede for the charms, & the rest will order the mugs, NOTHING will be made, or ordered without payment, so lets get moving shall we, its 10 weeks this Saturday!!

Ladies "PLEASEEEEEEEE" let us know ASAP. I'd hate for any of you to show up at the picnic & not have one, it's in celebration of our "Big Day", I'm sure we'll always remember it, it's just a special little "something" to keep & look at from time to time. I've put the colors behind a cut OK, with all my love,,Jxx

cord colors behind the cut )
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Hi Guys *waves to flist*

Well I've had the busiest MD ever!! Was woken up at 6.00am by Miss Paris, with cards & a lavender scented pillow for my bedroom, a coffee mug from Harrison, more cards & a bottle of scotch from the kids :) an electric blanket, its a super duper one, as I can't seem to warm up, maybe my MS is playing up again, & a beautiful silver with a little bit of gold, Pandora charm from my Mitchell, its a cup cake, so cute.

Then we all went to watch Jordan play rugby at 8.30am & yay he won, then went to my siter in laws for lunch, then out again for Chinese with some good friends & their 5 kids to, so it was 14 for Chinese dinner & the kids loved it.

Then home again to bath & put them to bed, read my flist & emails, the only crappy part of the day, my Ryan drew the short straw & I, as in ME!!, had to wash all the dirty, filthy muddy soccer shirts, like WTF!! it is Mothers Day.

Off to bed soon, have a wonderful day tomorrow, & yay for Gale back again tonight on DH, how quick did that week go by?

Such sad news yesterday, I keep thinking about her, like she'll never be again, & it's really sad:(

Oh & for my Mum, I took her out for dinner last night, we had a great time together, even though we were back by 8.30pm, it was to cold for me.

Have a great day, lots of love to you all, Jackie.xx

PS thanks to [ profile] doppelgangerqaf for the MD E card, so very sweet of you.

Cap by the lovely [ profile] celeste3028 thanks babe
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I need cheering up, so what better way than posting some new pics of Jackson, I think I love him *grins* all caps by the ever kind & gracious [ profile] celeste3028 I actually peed my pants when I saw them,,later guys, it's bloody freezing here Down Under,,love jx

I've always loved his smile.

Can you imagine waking up to him every morning, you'd never get out of bed :)

& the last one, well for now anyway it's my favourite, enjoy your day.

Oh one more I promise, don't get mad that its not behind a cut, I can't seem to do it tonight,,sorry [ profile] critic75 lol

This cap made by [ profile] evy_9_seconds thanks sweetie.

EDIT: I just noticed, is he wearing the same shirt in the last 2 pics, different color?
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Hi Guys,,me again :)

Here's the link to the Italian resturant I booked for Sunday 26th July.

Go take a look, I spoke to Mario (how Italian can you get lol) & he's very excited that we, I chose his resturant, I hope he thinks that "after" we've left *grins*

Hope you ll like it, I tried very hard to chose a place that would suit us all, & at $25 per head for a 3 course meal, we can't complain.

Don't forget to email me OK,,later Jxx

Just click onto this link, there's lots to see, & before I forget, it's called L'Allegria, 623 Ninth Ane, Cnr of 44th Street & 9th Ave. Time, 12.00pm. Hey EJ I'm following you :)
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Hi Guys *waves*

Beneath the cut is the list of names of LJ'ers who told me they were coming to [ profile] mickiebg Birthday lunch on Sunday 26th July, the day after the Central Park picnic. I'll be booking very soon, & I need to get this finalized, as Im so busy with my jewellery parties.

IF you DON'T want to come or you DO want to join us, NOW is the time to tell me.

Hope you're all well, its 10 weeks this weekend, bloody amazing, later everyone,,love Jackie.xx

LJ names behind the cut )
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Many thanks to the very clever & very generous [ profile] we_dreamerz who made me my very own blinkie, I just love it, it's so great being on the LJ, so many kind, gifted people.

I just watched the Youtube link with all of Gale's scenes, it's so great to see him again, & I really loved Terri Hatcher, I thought she was terrific, the best I've seen her act in ages. See having Gale back is great for her too, they're quite wonderful together, they made me smile :) & yes of course he looked beautiful, he's such a great actor, his facial expressions kill me.

So I'm off to read all the Gale gossip, it's been quite a day,,love Jx

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Hi Guys *waves*

Just thought I'd say a quick hello, RL has been busting my butt :)

I've been so busy with my jewellery parties, I've sold over $4000 & have every Sat/Sun booked out till June 19th, I'm totally Envy'd out!!

But I keep thinking of all those goodies in NYC :) it's only 10 weeks away, I'm sure I'll earn myself a few dollars by then.

Also I applied for a credit card. Yes I have lots in both names, BUT not one in my own name, as I've never worked in 21 years, but Yay!! they gave me one, I'm sooooo happy, it's exciting, I finally will be able to get a credit rating :)

The kids have been busy as well. Jordan had his braces fitted on last Friday. He hates them, but he'll thank us one day, the bill nearly killed my hubbie :) It's outrageous what they charge, I told my Paris to become a dentist when she grows up.

& finally I'm so excited for tomorrow night, it will be so good to see him again, Gale of course *smiles* I'm just so glad he's back & looking better than ever, like how does he do that?

Enjoy your Sunday night ladies, I hope to see it ASAP. I could care less about spoilers, bring it on, I can't wait to read all your comments.

Later everyone, have the maddest week ever!!!! with all my love Jxx

BTW all the font on the LJ was RED!! now its back to black, did anyone else notice?

Just 1 picture for you all,,I love Gale here don't you?

Cap made by the lovely [ profile] kinwad thanks I love it

PS Thanks EJ for being there weekend, what would I do with you, hugs xx
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Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, have a wonderful day. Thanks for all your amazing BJ fic, & for always posting & commenting on anything "Gale" lol.

All the best for the coming year,,hope you like this pic, it always makes me smile, all my love Jackie.xx

Banner by the wonderfully clever [ profile] galesweetie thanks babe x
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Hi darling Mel *waves*

Have a wonderful day, hope all your birthday wishes come true, see you soon, yes!! in NYC, we'll have such fun, cheers to you, hope you get spoilt, kisses & hugs Jackie.xx

Hope you like the pic, very appropriate I thought,,roll on July 09, love ya xx

& thanks to [ profile] galesweetie for making the NYC banner.
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Hey babe *sends big waves & hugs*

Have a wonderful day. Hope all your wishes & dreams come true, I can't wait to meet up with you in NYC, it's so kind of you to come all that way :) I'm sure we'll have a blast.

All the best for the coming year, just a little pic of our gorgeous boy,, its how everyone should eat ice-cream :)

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Hi Amy *waves*

Have a wonderful day sweetie, may all your wishes & dreams come true, we'll have a few Bday drinks in NYC in July *winks*,,God bless you, I'll be thinking of you,,Love & hugs Jackie.xx

Just had to post this pic, it's just for you :)

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Hope you have a wonderful day, may all your wishes & dreams come true, now & always,,with lots of love & kisses,,Jackie.xx

Just a litle BJ love for you,,double click onto it, it gets bigger :)

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