Mar. 23rd, 2009

sexy_pumpkin: (Are U fucking serious Brian)
Hi Guys,

For those of you who know me, I'm terrified of mice :( :( :(

I was sitting out in the back room watching 510 of DH, the FIRE EPI, & when I came back in my boys were all running around, trying to catch "the mouse", they didn't want me to know, as they know how scared I am.

Well 3 grown up sons couldn't catch 1 iddy biddy mouse, so here I sit at my PC, with my legs up, & I'm listening to every freakin sound. Ryan set the traps, tasty cheese with a scrape of vegemite, my Dad always used it, & we're all waiting for it to go "bang"!!

Looks like I'll be up all night, I'm so scared, they keep laughing at me, little shits,,& it took the shine off of watching Gale in the last epi of DH, well for me it is.

God I hope we catch it before the morning, I'm scared shitless, why did it have to visit me :(

Off to read some fic, I'm wide awake now,,love Jx


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