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Hi Guys *waves*

Beneath the cut is the list of names of LJ'ers who told me they were coming to [ profile] mickiebg Birthday lunch on Sunday 26th July, the day after the Central Park picnic. I'll be booking very soon, & I need to get this finalized, as Im so busy with my jewellery parties.

IF you DON'T want to come or you DO want to join us, NOW is the time to tell me.

Hope you're all well, its 10 weeks this weekend, bloody amazing, later everyone,,love Jackie.xx

[ profile] risa7
[ profile] bkrave
[ profile] tawny_7
[ profile] bigj52
[ profile] ozchique
[ profile] hansardgal
[ profile] sexy_pumpkin
[ profile] mickiebg
[ profile] galesweetie
[ profile] doppelganger44
[ profile] shadownyc
[ profile] kinnetikart
[ profile] wildsweet_angel
[ profile] inner_justin
[ profile] buzziecat
[ profile] metafascinating

NOW if I've forgotten anyone, pleaseeeee tell me OK & I'll add you on, I have names everywhere.

There will be more attending the picnic, I'll post for that next week, as we need to order the coffee mugs & cell/key QaF charms.

Thats it guys, IF I don;t hear from you, I'll assume your going, but it would be nice to get a reply before I call New York & make the reservation.

Later guys, off to get dinner ready, Im so cold :( hugs Jx
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