Date: 2009-05-04 01:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah, thats what I was kinda thinking :)

I mean after Gale's accident ALL of their storyline changed.

So hopefully now we'll get to see them develop a relationship, maybe even fall in love all over again, God the storylines are endless.

I just HAVE to believe that MC isn;t that fuckingstupid :) & kill him off in the finale' I bet when we all meet for the picnic, w'll all be saying "well do you think he died in the cliff hanger or not"?

They will make us suffer I'm sure of it, & we'll all be worried to death.

As I said before, being a GH fan is freakin exhausting, I've waited longer for him, than I've waited having my hair done,,& I'm sure we'll be doing it again :)

Look out for some posts asap about the picnic, coffee mugs, charms etc, we have 10 weeks to go, I'm sure we'll be ready.
Im also posting for the last time for Mickiebgs Bday lunch. I need to book it this month, the guy seems very nice, he's looking forward to meeting us all, I bet his resturant will never be the same.

Its getting really cold here, nothing of course like NYC winters, but bloody cold enough for us Aussies, I'm feezing my ass off, well I wish I could :)

Im off to bed,,later love ya Jx
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