At Last

Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:14 pm
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Title: At Last
Author: [ profile] sexy_pumpkin
Timeline: post-513
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Spoilers through 513. Unprotected sex within a monogamous relationship
Summary: It's 10 years since Justin left for New York. You're all invited to the wedding of the century. I've finally written my own post-513 story. Please take it easy on me. I hope you like it.
Disclaimer: The QaF characters belong to Cowlip and Showtime. I am making no money from this and just appreciate the opportunity to play with them.
Notes: I dedicate this story to three people:
To my two betas: [ profile] hansardgal and [ profile] mickiebg. If it weren't for both of you, this story would never have made it to the big screen. :D I love you both. Truly, I have no words.
To [ profile] brianswalk, who dared me to write my own story. I wanted that tear and thanks to you I've finally got it. You're a wonderful friend, hugs, J.
Thanks to [ profile] furriboots, who made the beautiful banner.
Thanks to [ profile] qafmaniac, who made the perfect Brian and Justin video that I wanted to accompany this story. A download link for the video is posted at the end of the story. Please download it and enjoy (spoilers for 513), and send her lots of love.


Read the story here )


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