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So I've started shopping already in NYC & I'm not even there yet *smiles*

I saw this gorgeous Guess bag at my local shopping centre two days ago, & I wanted it like "now"!!

So I came home & [ profile] hansardgal Googled it for me & we found it at Macy's.

It was $199.00 here, so I contacted my dear friend [ profile] galesweetie who works at Macy's, and she kindly ordered it online for me, at a lower price (thanks so much) but it was a bitch to find, as I only wanted this color, but she did find it & I'm very grateful *sends hugs*

Here's a picture of my bag, it's so very me, I can't wait to get it, when I arrive in NY, which will be in 12 weeks time,,yay!! have a great weekend, love Jx

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Hi Guys *waves*

So I'll show you mine, if you show me yours :)

I need some new pics of Gale/Brian/Jackson even, so please post me your 5 fav pics of either guy :) & BTW I don't care if I've seen them before, some may be new for me, which would be great, but I'd just like to see your fav pics, [ profile] besame_bj posted her "least fav" BJ pic today & I had to agree with her. So here's mine, hope you like them, gees I miss him, roll on May 3rd, we need some new pics/icons & caps, I can hardly wait.

It's very quiet on LJ, lets wake it up a little, & oh yeah, Justin/Randy pics are welcome too :)

Here's my 1st pic, its so hard to choose , if I go over 5 don't get mad OK

more gorgeous pics behind the cut )
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Hi Guys *waves*

So what a week it was, actually I'm "Gale'd out" if you can believe it *grins* it's just been so wonderful seeing him again & knowing that finally good things, positive things are coming his way, & he so deserves them, I really admire him, it just shows his level of courage & determination, I wish him every happiness, I can't wipe the smile off my face :)

Just thought I'd let you know this weekend I sold over $2100 worth of "Bling Envy jewellery" & obtained 3 more party bookings for the coming month, & because of my sales, I can obtain for free, over $500 worth of jewellery, which of course goes towards my kit, so I'm very happy with myself.

Also for everyone on my flist, pleaseeeeee go to this website below & purchase [ profile] mickiebg first original M/M slash novel called Horizions, it was published TODAY!!! & I recommend it to you all. It's just a fantastic, hot, porny read, about 2 sexy as hell guys, quite sad at times, but I'm sure if you've read Michele's other fics/series here on the LJ, you know just how good she is. So please go ahead & support her, she truly deserves it, she needs to make Oprah's top 10 list :)

I took the kids today to see The Fast & The Furious at the movies, it was a great way to spend 2 & a bit hours, I really enjoyed it, & the eye candy was an added bonus, Paul Walker is cute !!

And lastly we caught the mouse. Yes he finally bit the dust, but not before scaring the crap out of me for weeks. When I heard the trap go off in the middle of the night, I thought "thank Christ for that", not that I looked of course. I sent MR SP in there to look & when he went back into the dining room with a plastic bag, I knew we'd got him.

Well I'm off, I've been super busy with school holidays, but bring it on. This month is nearly over, I have around 12 weeks before I arrive in NYC. OMG I can hardly wait, the time has flown bye,,have a great week everyone, I'll be posting soon in the [ profile] qaf_nyc_july09 comm, as I need to book that Italian resturant, so please keep an eye out for my post, & reply to me ASAP, all the best,,hugs Jxx

Just had to post 1 little pic of him, couldn't resist.

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Well finally after all the months of worry & driving ourselves all up the freakin wall, we get ALL the Gale news in one bloody day *smiles*

I just wanted to thank all the very "clever" people here on my flist, who posted all the links & interviews, & gorgeous pics, what would I do without you all? I'm a total techno retard, as [ profile] stephmck always tells me, your LJ posts have made my day!!!

He looks as beautiful as ever *points to pic below* I actually yelped at the PC screen when I logged in & saw it, the shirt & the hair, the sunglasses, I thought of [ profile] my2cats I bet you had a fit when you saw him :) I know I did.

When I watched the interview, I looked for his "widdle crooked tooth" I was afraid he may have injured his mouth/teeth & may have lost it, that tooth is so sexy to me, so Gale, I was happy to see it still there :D

Well Im off, happy Bday dearest Jan, I have my 1st jewellery party Fri night, then another on Sunday, wish me luck, I have more "bling" than Jennifer Lopez,,have a great weekend guys, love Jxx

Cap made by [ profile] evy_9_seconds thanks sweetie.
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Yay I posted on the right day *smiles*

I wish you the most wonderful birthday, full of love & happiness. May all your hopes & dreams come true for the coming year, thank you for all your beautiful stories over the past 3 years, well for me it is, I'll never forget them, they'll stay in my heart forever, I'll always remember the "roses",,God bless you Jan, enjoy your special day,,with all my love,,Jackie xx

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Hey babe, *sends big waves & hugs*

I wish you a very happy birthday, may all your wishes & dreams come true. Thanks so very much for all the wonderful BJ/GR fics, they make my day, even if the angst kills me :)

All the best for the coming year, with all my love,,your friend Jackie.xx

Here's a couple of pics just for you, enjoy!!!

I love this one, he's so beautiful, enjoy your special day. xx
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Hi Guys,

Im sorry I haven't posted any pics lately, there just are not enough hours in my day :) so here are some favs of mine, I've really missed them, hope you like them too,,great news about Gale, the 3rd of May can NOT come quick enough, hope you all had a great Easter break, later Jxx

The kiss beside the jeep is probably my all time fav moment, OMG he really loved him :)

more fav pics/scenes behind the cut )
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Have a wonderful day, may all your B'day wishes come true, now & always. Thanks so much for all the delicious BJ & GR fics, your a terrific writer, & I've enjoyed every one.

All the best for the coming year, here's a little pic just for you, we should all eat ice-cream on our B'day :)

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Hi guys *waves*

Firstly many thanks to [ profile] bkrave for the yummy VG on my LJ page, so very kind of you, it made my morning :)

Had a lovely Easter with my family, ate to many Easter eggs, but I love the hot cross buns more.

Also if your able to read this post, your still obviously a part of my flist. Nothing personal, I only cut the people I never hear from, who never comment on my posts, & who have moved on from the BJ love & found other interests, I wish you well, & every happiness.

I just thought I'd let some of you know, I had to change my hotel in NYC, for my trip in July. It was to expensive for me, 17 nights in NYC is a killer at the best of times, but with the economy & the Aussie dollar, it's even worse.

So Im booked into the Wellington Hotel, on 55th & Broadway, not far from the Sailsbury, where I was originally staying, I was able to get 17 nights at HALF the price I was going to pay, so Im just so relieved, & with my LJ friends staying with me, it'll be even cheaper. More money to spend & to entertain myself with, sounds great to me.

What a shame about Amazon, no more orders from me, I hope they realize what they're doing, its crazy.

Well I'm off to finish cleaning my house, the kids go back to school on the 29th April, so I'll be kinda busy, my 1st jewellery party in this Friday night, & I have lots more to follow, I'm rather excited to be honest. Roll on the 3rd May, I can't wait to see Gale in DH, I wonder what will happen? God bless you all, have a safe week,,hugs Jx
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Hi Guys *waves*

Just thought I'd post to you all now, as tomorrow being Easter Sunday here Down Under, I'll be out for most of the day, visiting my sister for an Easter Egg Hunt, Harrison & Paris can't wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive & for a luncheon with all the family.

So I wish you a wonderful, happy, safe Easter with all your family & friends, God bless you all, thanks for making my life a brighter, happier place, love to you all, don't eat to much chocolate,,Jackie.xx
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Hi Sam, *waves*

Sorry if I'm late, I've been out most of the day, here's wishing you a very happy birthday, enjoy your trip to NYC, all the best for the coming year, God bless, all my love Jackie.xx

Just a little BJ love for your B'Day, I know how much you loved the Prom!!

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Have a wonderful day. Thanks for all the chats & fic recc's, I think we both love the same kinda fics :) & yay for Gale pics on your Bday, what a great pressie for you, for us all!!

May all your bday wishes come true, hope to meet up with you one day,,love ya,,hugs Jackie.xx

Just a little pic for you, its soooooooooo good to have him back:)

He's waiting at the bar, for you to arrive *smiles*
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So click onto this link, & go and make Gale Harold the sexiest man alive, NOT that we needed a competition for us all to know that :)

Just follow the instructions, this IS the finale' girls, & can anyone tell me who the hell Jordan Knight is? where have I been *smiles* Oh I know, reading BJ fic & re-watching QaF for the past 3 years,,hurry off you go, I'm sure Gale will appreciate it :)

Later,love Jx

I hope the link works, if not go to IMDb, they have it over there.
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Hi Guys,

So glad you all liked the pics I posted, can you believe Ryan was 21, 1 week ago today, weren't they all just here celebrating? God that weeks gone bye so quickly.

BTW the mouse is still here. I haven't seen him, but he eats all the cheese & peanut butter we leave in the traps, he's a very clever mouse. I'm sure we'll catch him one day, I wonder where he is, I hope his whole family haven't joined him.

We had some really sad news this week.  A close friend of my family, I've known her since we moved to Australia from England,  found out she has bowel cancer, & its spread to her liver. She's 43, married, with one daughter, she started chemo today  to try & shrink the tumor, & they will operate on her liver, & try & buy her some extra time. Anywhere between 2 months, to 18 months, it's really upset me, made me realize that life is so short & I don;'t have a freakin worry in the world. Who cares about losing 5 kilos, I just keep thinking about her, & all that she'll have to endure, just to stay alive for a few months, doesn't life suck, it's so unfair.

I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight, the final 4 were chosen, for the Grand Finale in 2 weeks, I LOVE that show, they are all so wonderful, Paris loves it to, she does cartwheels all over the place :)

Anyway I'm off to read some fic, I start my jewellery parties in 2 weeks time, I'll be to busy to read  then :)

With all my love ,,hugs Jxx

Just had to post this pic of  Gale/Jackson I needed cheering up!! he's totally beautiful here.

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Hi Guys,

So this morning I had my feet & toe nails painted, just logged in & I missed ALL the fun :)

I'm so happy that Gale will be back, & that he's better looking than ever, as IF that's possible, can't wait to see him in May, & whatever happens I just hope he's well & happy to be working again.

He's never been in a S6 of any tv show before *smiles* we can only hope. I guess certain things DO you change your life, it's all up to him.

It's a wonder you can't hear the squeeeeeing from there, it's a great, day, I can't stop smiling :)

Love to you all, Jxx
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My user-pic!!

Dear Frannie [ profile] galesweetie made it just for me, I didn't even have to ask, it's just perfect, thank you!! so much, I just had to post it & show you all.

Off to get Miss Paris from school, going to [ profile] hansardgal place on Sat, so look out for some great family pics next week,,have a great evening/day,,love Jx
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Hi Guys *waves*

I was just uploading a userpic, & I thought its been ages since I posted some pics, so here they are, hope you all enjoy them, some are old, some are new, my dear friend [ profile] ankaree is making me some more caps as we speak, I'll post them asap, hope all is well, most caps are by [ profile] ankaree & of others I've snagged over the years, enjoy your day,,love Jxx

more gorgeous pics behind the cut )
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Wishing you a very happy birthday, may all your Bday wishes come true, thanks for all the BJ love you send our way, enjoy your day, thinking of you ,,Love Jxx

Just a little pic of our boys, hope you like it, even B&J send you kisses :)

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Please go to this link, click onto "COMING SOON" & there is it!! "HORIZONS" by Mickie B. Ashling.

So very happy for her, it's such a wonderful original fic, you will ALL love it, & take a look at the hot sexy cover, for the 1st time ever, I prefer the blond :)

I hope you'll all order it online, we need to contact Oprah, later guys,,good luck M, you deserve it all,,love Jackie.xx
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Hi Guys *waves*

We had a wonderful night, Ryan was very surprised :) he really enjoyed seeing everyone, & of course he got lots of gifts, mainly money, which he will put towards his tattoo tomorrow. His 1st one, & I'm taking him, if you'd told me that 21 years ago, I'd never of believed you.

I've just sat down, after cleaning up & I can;t believe my son is 21. It really does feel like yesterday, since he was born, where does the time go?

He was actually born at 10.04pm, & after a fast & hard labour, I was glad it was all over. And can you believe, I never cried when I 1st saw him, ME!! who cries all the time :) they took him away to the nursery, he had a few breathing problems, and I never actually got to hold him.

So a few hours later, sitting all alone, in the dark, I got up & tried to walk, as I wanted to know where my baby was. And as I walked slowly into the nursery, all the babies were fast asleep, except for one, who was screaming his lungs out, & guess who it was :)

I couldn't believe he was mine, it had "born of Jacqueline" on his name tag, as we hadn't named him as yet, & as I sat down & nursed him, I cried my bloody eyes out, it was the most surreal, beautiful, amazing moment of my life, a moment to cherish, just me & him, holding so tight onto my finger, & I've loved him every day since.

I can't wait for the next 21 years, hopefully I'll be around for it all, he's a beautiful boy, & although painful at times, he's a kind soul, & I'm very proud of him.

I will post some pics asap, I need to see EJ [ profile] hansardgal as she helps me post them, thanks for all your good wishes, it's been a great day.

Later I'm exhausted, off to bed,,love Jx
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