May. 11th, 2009

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Hi guys *waves*

So I'm going to be in charge of these & [ profile] doppelgangerqaf will post about the coffee mugs when she all good & ready to go.

You can choose from either a cell phone charm, or a key charm, you can clip it onto your bag or wallet, with 3 silver initials of Q A F on it, & it will cost $8.00

Below is a list of colors you can choose from, for the cord. It's 1st in 1st served, just tell me the color & how many you want to order.

As soon as I have my list, I'll arrange for payment. Pay Pal seems the way to go, we'll add this order to your "coffee mug order" so just ONE payment will be required. Dopps will then send the money to [ profile] plumsuede for the charms, & the rest will order the mugs, NOTHING will be made, or ordered without payment, so lets get moving shall we, its 10 weeks this Saturday!!

Ladies "PLEASEEEEEEEE" let us know ASAP. I'd hate for any of you to show up at the picnic & not have one, it's in celebration of our "Big Day", I'm sure we'll always remember it, it's just a special little "something" to keep & look at from time to time. I've put the colors behind a cut OK, with all my love,,Jxx

cord colors behind the cut )


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