May. 3rd, 2009

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Hi Guys *waves*

Just thought I'd say a quick hello, RL has been busting my butt :)

I've been so busy with my jewellery parties, I've sold over $4000 & have every Sat/Sun booked out till June 19th, I'm totally Envy'd out!!

But I keep thinking of all those goodies in NYC :) it's only 10 weeks away, I'm sure I'll earn myself a few dollars by then.

Also I applied for a credit card. Yes I have lots in both names, BUT not one in my own name, as I've never worked in 21 years, but Yay!! they gave me one, I'm sooooo happy, it's exciting, I finally will be able to get a credit rating :)

The kids have been busy as well. Jordan had his braces fitted on last Friday. He hates them, but he'll thank us one day, the bill nearly killed my hubbie :) It's outrageous what they charge, I told my Paris to become a dentist when she grows up.

& finally I'm so excited for tomorrow night, it will be so good to see him again, Gale of course *smiles* I'm just so glad he's back & looking better than ever, like how does he do that?

Enjoy your Sunday night ladies, I hope to see it ASAP. I could care less about spoilers, bring it on, I can't wait to read all your comments.

Later everyone, have the maddest week ever!!!! with all my love Jxx

BTW all the font on the LJ was RED!! now its back to black, did anyone else notice?

Just 1 picture for you all,,I love Gale here don't you?

Cap made by the lovely [ profile] kinwad thanks I love it

PS Thanks EJ for being there weekend, what would I do with you, hugs xx


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