Apr. 13th, 2009

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Hi guys *waves*

Firstly many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bkrave for the yummy VG on my LJ page, so very kind of you, it made my morning :)

Had a lovely Easter with my family, ate to many Easter eggs, but I love the hot cross buns more.

Also if your able to read this post, your still obviously a part of my flist. Nothing personal, I only cut the people I never hear from, who never comment on my posts, & who have moved on from the BJ love & found other interests, I wish you well, & every happiness.

I just thought I'd let some of you know, I had to change my hotel in NYC, for my trip in July. It was to expensive for me, 17 nights in NYC is a killer at the best of times, but with the economy & the Aussie dollar, it's even worse.

So Im booked into the Wellington Hotel, on 55th & Broadway, not far from the Sailsbury, where I was originally staying, I was able to get 17 nights at HALF the price I was going to pay, so Im just so relieved, & with my LJ friends staying with me, it'll be even cheaper. More money to spend & to entertain myself with, sounds great to me.

What a shame about Amazon, no more orders from me, I hope they realize what they're doing, its crazy.

Well I'm off to finish cleaning my house, the kids go back to school on the 29th April, so I'll be kinda busy, my 1st jewellery party in this Friday night, & I have lots more to follow, I'm rather excited to be honest. Roll on the 3rd May, I can't wait to see Gale in DH, I wonder what will happen? God bless you all, have a safe week,,hugs Jx


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