Apr. 6th, 2009

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Hi Guys,

So glad you all liked the pics I posted, can you believe Ryan was 21, 1 week ago today, weren't they all just here celebrating? God that weeks gone bye so quickly.

BTW the mouse is still here. I haven't seen him, but he eats all the cheese & peanut butter we leave in the traps, he's a very clever mouse. I'm sure we'll catch him one day, I wonder where he is, I hope his whole family haven't joined him.

We had some really sad news this week.  A close friend of my family, I've known her since we moved to Australia from England,  found out she has bowel cancer, & its spread to her liver. She's 43, married, with one daughter, she started chemo today  to try & shrink the tumor, & they will operate on her liver, & try & buy her some extra time. Anywhere between 2 months, to 18 months, it's really upset me, made me realize that life is so short & I don;'t have a freakin worry in the world. Who cares about losing 5 kilos, I just keep thinking about her, & all that she'll have to endure, just to stay alive for a few months, doesn't life suck, it's so unfair.

I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight, the final 4 were chosen, for the Grand Finale in 2 weeks, I LOVE that show, they are all so wonderful, Paris loves it to, she does cartwheels all over the place :)

Anyway I'm off to read some fic, I start my jewellery parties in 2 weeks time, I'll be to busy to read  then :)

With all my love ,,hugs Jxx

Just had to post this pic of  Gale/Jackson I needed cheering up!! he's totally beautiful here.

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So click onto this link, & go and make Gale Harold the sexiest man alive, NOT that we needed a competition for us all to know that :)

Just follow the instructions, this IS the finale' girls, & can anyone tell me who the hell Jordan Knight is? where have I been *smiles* Oh I know, reading BJ fic & re-watching QaF for the past 3 years,,hurry off you go, I'm sure Gale will appreciate it :)

Later,love Jx

I hope the link works, if not go to IMDb, they have it over there.


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