Mar. 31st, 2009

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Hi Guys *waves*

We had a wonderful night, Ryan was very surprised :) he really enjoyed seeing everyone, & of course he got lots of gifts, mainly money, which he will put towards his tattoo tomorrow. His 1st one, & I'm taking him, if you'd told me that 21 years ago, I'd never of believed you.

I've just sat down, after cleaning up & I can;t believe my son is 21. It really does feel like yesterday, since he was born, where does the time go?

He was actually born at 10.04pm, & after a fast & hard labour, I was glad it was all over. And can you believe, I never cried when I 1st saw him, ME!! who cries all the time :) they took him away to the nursery, he had a few breathing problems, and I never actually got to hold him.

So a few hours later, sitting all alone, in the dark, I got up & tried to walk, as I wanted to know where my baby was. And as I walked slowly into the nursery, all the babies were fast asleep, except for one, who was screaming his lungs out, & guess who it was :)

I couldn't believe he was mine, it had "born of Jacqueline" on his name tag, as we hadn't named him as yet, & as I sat down & nursed him, I cried my bloody eyes out, it was the most surreal, beautiful, amazing moment of my life, a moment to cherish, just me & him, holding so tight onto my finger, & I've loved him every day since.

I can't wait for the next 21 years, hopefully I'll be around for it all, he's a beautiful boy, & although painful at times, he's a kind soul, & I'm very proud of him.

I will post some pics asap, I need to see EJ [ profile] hansardgal as she helps me post them, thanks for all your good wishes, it's been a great day.

Later I'm exhausted, off to bed,,love Jx


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