Mar. 27th, 2009

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Hi Guys,

Just had the most busiest of weeks, & my hubbie had surgery early this morning, so he'll be out of action for a few weeks (he had both knees operated on) he can;t drive for at least 2-3 weeks, so it looks like I'll be Mums Taxi for awhile.

As some of you know, my son Ryan turns 21 on Monday, god the time has flown bye, & I'm having a little surprise party for him on Monday night, so Ive been out all morning organising that. He didn;t want a 21st, he had a huge 18th, he's going to the races (horse racing) with all his mates next weekend, but I couldn't do nothing for his Bday, you only turn 21 once you know :)

So hopefully I'll pop on line as much as I can next week, Ive been trying to read in the evenings, I'm just to tired to keep my eyes open. Thats why I haven't posted any pics, & I'm waiting for some new caps from dear [ profile] ankaree I promise Ill post some soon.

Only 16 weeks until I arrive in NYC, I hope I'm alive to enjoy it, I reckon I'll get on that plane & sleep for 20 hours straight, take 2 Zanax & wake me up in LA.

Congratulations to my wonderful friend [ profile] mickiebg who sold her 2nd book this week, you deserve every happiness, & I'm so proud of you, you've come along way from "Trouble" *smiles*

Well Im off to the school, pick up the kids & go visit their Dad in hospital, have sport all weekend, & oh yes I actually start selling my jewellery next month, IF I have the time of course lol, why do I do this to myself,,aghhh yes, more spending money for NY,,later Jxx

Just one pic of him,,I miss him.

Cap made by the lovely [ profile] kinwad thanks, I love it!!

Oh & btw, we never caught the mouse, I bet he moved out, it's crazy in this household :)
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So Harrison & I just saw the mouse run under the fridge, then back out again, & I have NO fucking idea where he is :(

Yes you can all laugh, but I feel sick, & I'm crying to, being frightened does that to you.

And would you believe not one of my sons are home, & hubby is in hospital, shit I thought the mouse had left, where has he been hiding the past few days *shudders at the thought*

So Harrison is sleeping with me, I'd love to read some more fic, but I can;t put my feet down on the floor,,later guys, shit I hope someone catch's him tomorrow, or Im moving out!!

Later guys,,Jx


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