Mar. 24th, 2009

sexy_pumpkin: (Sexy P <3 Gale by Frannie)
Hey Guys,

The mouse is still at large :)

All night I laid awake & we still haven't caught him. Thanks for all the funny replies, yes I wish I had a cat :) but I don't, Mr SP gets home tonight, let him catch it.

And on the brighter side, I took my eldest son Ryan out today, & brought him a suit. He's 21 on Monday, & that's what he wanted, he looked so grown up & so handsome, I'll take some pics of him, & post them on the LJ. I also got him 2 shirts & 2 ties & a belt to go with it, not quite Hugo Boss, but he loved it & I was happy to go shopping with him, he's a lovely boy, even if he can't catch a bloody mouse :)

I saw the pics of Gale, upset me a little, god it's been a long road back, he's way to thin, & looked so much older to me :( I wish him every happiness & hope we see him soon. No wonder it's taken all this time, he's very lucky to be here,,love Jx

PS thanks to [ profile] galesweetie for the wonderful icon, makes me smile too.


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