Mar. 21st, 2009

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Hi Guys,

I'm so happy you liked my last picscam, sorry I didn't reply to you all, but I can hardly stand the pain :( my freakin finger is still killing me, I must of hit it 100 times today, & it kept me up most of the night. I had the busiest day, can't even begin to tell you, & tomorrow I'm having a jewellery party (this is the jewellery I'm going to be selling next month) have no idea how I'm going to make tea & coffee for all those people, I'll get Mum & EJ [ profile] hansardgal to help me, I just hope we all have a good time.

Later guys, & yes [ profile] ankaree did a beautiful job with the caps, shes a great friend & simply loves all things B&J,,enjoy your weekend,,love Jx

Just had to post this,,you all know why!! Double click onto the pics, they get bigger.

& I loved this one as well, aghhhh 206 at Woody's.

Love his smile, needed this one to cheer me up!!

I'll be back with more asap, off to bed now, I'm exhausted.
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I know I should be in bed, but I just had to post this D/Load link to a B&J video that [ profile] qafmaniac made for me, a few years ago now.

It's to the most romantic song ever, I watched it just now *wipes eyes & blows her nose* please watch it & save the D/load link, I think [ profile] blissink will love it as well, she's a total sap like me :P later hugs Jx

PS don;t forget to let [ profile] qafmaniac know just how much you loved it to, she's a wonderful vidder, I've been so lucky, she's made me some gorgeous video's.


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