Mar. 20th, 2009

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Hi babe *waves madly*

Have a wonderful day, I know things are pretty crappy at the moment, but trust me, things will get better. I adore your fics, your a very generous soul, & I can't wait to meet up with you in NYC in July.

Here's a pic just for you, I'll be thinking of you,,God bless, all my love Jackie.xxxxxxxx

See I do have some caps of Justin/Randy :)
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Hi Guys,

So I was missing my pics & today my dear friend [ profile] ankaree sent me some caps. Not just any caps, but 206 & 204, 2 of my ever fav episodes. I nearly fainted lol, so of course I had to share some with you all, I hope you like them, as much as I do, I'm in a little pain at the moment, I broke my nail, & I'm not joking you, it's "bad", more painful than giving birth, well nearly as bad, it looks awful & I can't even touch it, had to take 2 panadine forte, so I keep hitting the wrong buttons :) oh well the pics will cheer me up,,enjoy your day guys,,love Jx

more pics behind the cut )


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