Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Have a wonderful day, I miss you around LJ, still read your beautiful B&J fics, "Gold & Silver Shines" will be with me forever, the frozen gardenia's KILL me lol, God bless, all the best for the coming year,,love Jackie.xx

See even Brian's smiling :)
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Hi Guys,

So don't faint, but finally I've started up a new adventure, my own business, selling "fake bling jewellery", right up my ally I can hear many of you saying, & best of all I can work my own hours, have the parties when they suit me (it's like Tupperwear only a lot sexier) & I've already got 4 parties booked for April, with 8 more people yet to set an exact date.

Here's the link to the website, if you want to have a look, & for all my Aussie friends, if you want anything let me know, & I'll order it & send it to you, after you pay me of course :)

I went to an Envy jewellery party about 2 years ago, have had 2 myself, & I love the product, so I was thinking the other day, I need to earn some extra cash, especially with New York in July, & this came to mind. I can still run my home & all my kids, still watch all their sports & dancing & then pop out for a few hours & earn some money for "me", I haven't worked since I had my 1st son, so it's about time I did, & the women have all loved it, you can never have enough bling.

So wish me luck, if you want a book Fi I can send you one, & you to Steph, the team I've joined are called "The Bling Sisters", so appropriate I believe :) & if you want your own party, I'd be happy to pop over, even Jan [ profile] jans_intentions said she'd like one,,aghhh maybe one day.

Hope your all well, when the bloody hell is all that snow going to melt,,stay warm,,love Jx
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Hi Guys,

So this afternoon, I went to the school to watch my Jordan play his rugby league match, (its like grid-iron) a very hard contact sport, & half through the match, he collided head on with another player.

He was knocked out for a few minutes, then stood up & hit the ground. He has a cut above his right eyebrow that required 10 stiches, I've never seen that much blood, & a gash across his face, I could see the bone *shudders*

He just called me from the hospital, they waited there for over 4 hours, but he's on his way home as we speak, no head trauma, thank God, but a black eye as big as your fist.

Why do my sons play this game? I've tried to get them to stop, but they love it, & this was only school rugby. God help me when the new competition begins in 3 weeks time,,later Jx


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