Feb. 24th, 2009

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Hi Guys,

Well it's midnight here Down Under, just finished watching the Oscars, which I swore after last years, I'd NEVER watch again, (they were soooooooo bad) & I'm so proud of Hugh Jackson, OMG he did an amazing job of hosting the Oscar's, not since Billy Crystal have I enjoyed them more.

Plus I cried nearly all bloody night long :D I loved how they brought out all the previous winners to announce the nominees, it was wonderful seeing them all, shit I bawled my eyes out, did anyone else cry?

And the dresses were so beautiful. I thought Sara Jessica Parkers dress was the best, along with Alicia Keys & Kate Winslow, & Penelope Cruz looked gorgeous too, even she made me cry, & I've hated her for years lol.

All in all a very enjoyable evening, & Sean Penn's speech really hit home, I just hope ALL of America was listening.

Off to bed guys, some pics soon, I promise,,love Jx
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Hey babe *waves*

Wishing you a very happy birthday, I know what you want for your b'day :) lets hope we see him soon, thanks for all your gorgeous pic-scams, may all your wishes come true,,love Jackie.xx

Just 2 pics for you, or maybe 3 :D

PS Sorry there not behind a cut, I wanted everyone to see him :)


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