Feb. 1st, 2009

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To all the Aussies on my flist, IF you didn't already know, DH starts tomorrow night.

So from now on every Monday night at 8.30pm, channel 7, thats where I'll be, watching Gale on my big tv screen, well for at least for the 1st 9 epis, I just hope he comes back real soon. However I've not seen him once in the "promos", the girls yes, even Dave, but no Gale/Jackson. Then again no Mike either, I wonder as it's because not many people know Gale here, well unless they watched QaF 3 yrs ago, I just hope all is ok with Gale's return to DH.

So who'll be taping it? I know I will, & of course I'll be buying the boxed DVDset of DH S5 when it comes available.

Later guys, its been so long, Ive forgotten what happens in epi 1, I'll have to watch & see, Jx

I think this cap was by [livejournal.com profile] lazyshades if not Im sorry, let me know & ill credit accordingly.
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Hi ya Babe,

Have a wonderful day, all the best for the coming year, may all your wishes & dreams come true, here's a little pic of Gale for you, yay DH tomorrow night, what a great Bday present,,hugs Jackie.xx

I love this pic of him, he looks so happy.


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