Jan. 26th, 2009

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So I'm back, & not a moment to soon :) I missed you all.

But I had a great time, a nice rest & I actually did read the book! I'm nearly finished, it's made a nice change, just weird not to have any B&J porn in it :)

Read the news about our Gale. Yay!! it made me very happy, lets hope we all get to see him again really soon.

Went back through my flist, OMG do you guys ever stop talking :D & I can't wait to read all the updated fic, I have a list with about 20 fics on it, looks like I'll be up late tonight.

And to all my special Aussie flist & friends, have a Happy Australia Day, I'm with my Mum & sister, shed a little tear this morning, but I'm sure my dad is still here with us all, I miss him every day, just today brings all the memories back.

Will post some new pics soon, the kids are off to school tomorrow, take care guys, love Jx

Just had to post 1 pic of him.


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