Jan. 22nd, 2009

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Hey babe, enjoy your special day, & also enjoy every year, as they fly bye now LOL..

Later OK, special hugs & kisses, J.xx
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Hi Guys *waves*

Just thought I'd post a few pics quickly, as I'm going away tomorrow for the long weekend, & wont be back till Mon 26th Jan, which btw is Australia Day (like your 4th of July) & I won't, get this guys, are you sitting down, have any internet for 3 "whole days" :)

Yes I'm actually going to rest, read a book, the 1st book/story, I'll of read thats NOT B&J & QaF related in close to 3 years, yes its sad isn't it *smiles* we're going to Kiama, a beach resort, & staying in a cabin right on the beach.

So I'll be thinking of you, wondering what WIP's have been updated lol, & my flist after 3 days, will be a mile long. The kids go back to school the day after we get back, so YAY!! I have all their school uniforms ready to go, do you think its to early to pack their lunch boxes :) their new school shoes (yes Paris still hates them lol), hats & bags all packed. Its been a great break, but they need to go back to school, my Paris is in year 1, Harrison year 3 & Jordan is in year 10.

If you update your current Wips, could you let me know, I read that many, I can't remember who's is who's & what chpt Im up to, I'm sure Ill catch up, but OMG The VIP Room, I'll be forever catching up there :D

BTW as many of you know, Australia Day is the day my darling father passed away, this will be our 3rd year without him :( Thanks to those who emailed me, I'll be spending the day with my Mum & sister, as soon as I get back from Kiama. Still miss him like crazy, but life goes on as we know, but it still sucks big time :(.

Later guys, what a week, love your new President, hes quite cute,,all my love J xx

And just one more, as I simply love the look on Justin's face :)


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