Jan. 5th, 2009

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Hi guys *waves to flist*

Was talking to [livejournal.com profile] mickiebg  earlier on tonight, & this time/day two years ago, Jan 07, I met Gale Harold for the first time.

Mum & I went out shopping & found ourselves near Times Square & W46th St, & I said come on Mum lets see if he's there.  It was the warmest winter in 300 years, so it was a very nice evening, we arrived at the Laura Pells theatre at about 8.45pm & sure enough he was performing that night. I literally squeeeed inside my widdle head, & we sat out side & waited to see IF he really was going to come out & sign the playbills for eveyone.

And sure enough at about 9.30pm he walked out through the front doors & started to sign for the fans. I was sooooooo freakin nervous, I gave him the playbill which someone had given me & he smiled & said "your'e name, thanks for coming, I never told him we never actually saw the play, we were  going the next night, didn't want him to think we were stalking him *smiles* & he said is that Jacky with a y or an ie

I forgot to breathe, holy shit there he was, more gorgeous than I ever imagined & after finally telling him with an ie, I just said thanks & never said another freakin word, like WTF "me" not talking :) I just couldn't believe he was there standing right in front of me, he signed  "To Jackie all my love Gale".

After smiling & waving he left, he signed my Mums playbill as well, & I swear I could of floated down 46St.

All that way from Syd to NYC to see a guy in a play, it was so worth it :)

We got to meet Gale many times over the 10 days, he was so very sweet & charming, thought we were nuts for flying all that way, & he signed 14 playbills for our LJ friends. He asked me if I was making up the names so I could chat him up :)  so cute.

I'll never forget that trip, the play which Mum & I saw 5 times, the 1st time in the front row, shit he was gorgeous up on that stage, & I can;t wait to go back in July & visit the theatre, lots of memories, just wish he was there in another play,,later guys, I can;t stop smiling,,love Jxx

Aghhh can still see him sitting there, like 3 feet in front of me, I was very well behaved :D


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