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See I told you all I was a total techno retard *smiles*

My dearest LJ friend [ profile] stephmck set it all up for me, she knows all my passwords :) I'm still Sexy P over there, except the underscore line is no longer in the middle of sexy-pumpkin like here on LJ, I don't know if that makes any difference, so feel free to friend me, BUT I have NO freakin idea how to friend you back, or check my flist, not that there's that many :) & I can't read my entries, if there's more than 10, does that mean I have to pay?

I saw an email from [ profile] brokeaholic today, I tried to reply from my Gmail, like I do with the LJ, but it wouldn't work:( Sorry, I assume you friended me, or said hello, a few LJ'ers friended me I gather, do I have to friend you back, or does it just happen?

I can't find anything, except for my user-pics, Im allowed 6, that's no good to me, how do I get more, where do I pay? any help will be appreciated, I don't want you all to think, Im ignoring you lol,,off to read my LJ flist,,later guys,,Jx
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