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Hi Guys,

How wonderful was it of [ profile] plumsuede to finally join the [ profile] qaf_nyc_july09 comm & post about the charms & key rings. Please from now on, just post your order from there, [ profile] doppelgangerqaf will still be handling the money side of it all, & will be posting the final 4 pics & 2 text's you can choose from for the coffee mugs, we need to finalize this ASAP, it could become a major headache for all concerned :D

So please just make your selections, & we'll do our best to make you all very happy.

Please note that you can still join our LJ comm, it'll make it easier all round, just because your not attending the picnic, doesn't mean you can't join.

My Paris is so very ill. She has a flu/virus, I've never seen her this sick. Its NOT that flu, so don;t worry, but I've had a very busy 3 days, she's been off school all week, Im taking her back to the doctors this afternoon.

I also have a vey busy weekend coming up, lots of jewellery parties, I just hope she's OK, I'll take her to my Mum's, as the boys all have rugby, it's awful when they're that sick!!

So take care, & btw I've booked my tattoo in :( I go Mon 25th May, wish me luck,,hugs Jx
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