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Hi Guys *waves to flist*

Well I've had the busiest MD ever!! Was woken up at 6.00am by Miss Paris, with cards & a lavender scented pillow for my bedroom, a coffee mug from Harrison, more cards & a bottle of scotch from the kids :) an electric blanket, its a super duper one, as I can't seem to warm up, maybe my MS is playing up again, & a beautiful silver with a little bit of gold, Pandora charm from my Mitchell, its a cup cake, so cute.

Then we all went to watch Jordan play rugby at 8.30am & yay he won, then went to my siter in laws for lunch, then out again for Chinese with some good friends & their 5 kids to, so it was 14 for Chinese dinner & the kids loved it.

Then home again to bath & put them to bed, read my flist & emails, the only crappy part of the day, my Ryan drew the short straw & I, as in ME!!, had to wash all the dirty, filthy muddy soccer shirts, like WTF!! it is Mothers Day.

Off to bed soon, have a wonderful day tomorrow, & yay for Gale back again tonight on DH, how quick did that week go by?

Such sad news yesterday, I keep thinking about her, like she'll never be again, & it's really sad:(

Oh & for my Mum, I took her out for dinner last night, we had a great time together, even though we were back by 8.30pm, it was to cold for me.

Have a great day, lots of love to you all, Jackie.xx

PS thanks to [ profile] doppelgangerqaf for the MD E card, so very sweet of you.

Cap by the lovely [ profile] celeste3028 thanks babe
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